Dare to Write Again

I use to write poetry as a release. I used it as a outlet of my feelings, but I also used it as a means of just fun. I use to find such peace and joy in my life after writing a good poem, but sometimes I would slip deeper into my sadness or angry with my writing. Now that i have gotten back into just writing altogether maybe I would find better release and peace in writing poetry again. let’s try one to see how it goes. I guess this one would be  for fun.


As night falls around us

And dreams come upon us

May we remember what we once had

And who we once were

Believe that someday we will

Once again be in each others arms

Remembering how we once were

Remembering what we use to have

Believing that someday we will love again

Someday we will be happy and together again

And as night breaks into day

And the birds song awakes us from our dreams

We know that we will figure this all out somehow


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