So as i sit and watch United States of Tara I am reminded why i studied psychology. Cause there are sometimes where i don’t understand why i chose  a major that required so much education in order to get where i need to get too. There can be days when people are discussing things that i should automatically know but i seem to forget. Same goes for when i am at work. i have one student who is that type of child that is going to become the teenager that  i will be counseling. He is one of the reasons that i remember why i chose what i chose and it makes me happy but i feel so scared of ever truly making that step to do what i have to do to become what i need to become. I don’t know these are the types of thoughts that have been running through my mind since i started to make the transition to start prepping for my GRE’s again. let me just leave you with a little something to ease some of my mind



“Sometimes I got these thoughts in the back of my mind

Got me feeling like my ass is just wasting my time

Sometimes i just wanna get out of the grind

So i am chasing my dreams and paying these thoughts no mind



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