Friendship Note

It must be great being you

Since you can do nothing wrong

Apparently everyone must worship

the ground you walk upon

If someone just looks at you

in a different way

They obviously have an

attitude with you

But if someone doesn’t do

as you say and automatically

agree with you than they hate you

or you hate them

Why does it always have to be

your way or the high way

I hope you realize you

embody everything you hate

You act like all those girls

you make fun of

You’re as broken as everyone else

Yet you fake it until you

make it and that’s enough for you

But what about those around you

What do they truly mean to you

Are they your friends or are they your


What is it that makes you think

they should stay loyal to you

Especially when you treat them so cruel

I don’t know but here’s what I’ll do

I am sorry but I can’t do this

anymore and we are through

This was actually written last summer about the same person in the previous posting. As I reflected on that last posting i thought about why i felt like i wrote about how i felt about that friend before in regards to everyone else’s feelings. Like for some strange reason i cant pull myself away from this friendship and its starting to worry me. I dont feel like i know  what i should do.



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