Its been a while

I haven’t written in awhile and I feel as if I have started to loose some of myself again. I have to say times have not been easy within the last month. My grandmother passed away, family drama due to my grandmother passing away, drama with friends as i had already written (yes there is still drama), my father loosing his mind and actually believing i was going to actually be at let alone be in his wedding to his hoe… etc etc. Some things have gotten better like at work i have no more drama i am getting along well with my fellow creme prep teachers and i received some good news in response to my class next year, instead of having to deal with an incompentant assistant i instead get to spend my day hanging out with ilana which is chill with me.  Still single which sucks, i started talking to a few guys but they just wanted sex which i am not down for so its what ever. Started hanging out again with a guy that i have some chemistry with yet neither one of us want to act on it. Hopefully before this summer is over we will make something happen hopefully he comes to maine with us and we can start something. I am officially the only single person in my group of friends. I am slowly getting my shit together so i can get out of my house i am ready to live on my own. i am ready to go back to school… oh and i definitely failed my GRE’s. i am quite upset about that but i dont know anymore. Oh so me and my best are officially groupies. we hung out in the vip with our favorite new group in which she is trying to hook up with the guitar player but to be honest i myself am a little impartial myself in trying to hook up with the base player or wanting to hookup with him or even the lead singer even though they are significantly older than the both of us lol. but still damnit we are groupies but we arent going to be pyscho about them posting drunk facebook statuses about “faces” mind you these faces referred to myself and my best. its funny how we somehow got the guitar player in trouble and he didnt even hook up with my friend because she was too drunk. but oh well. We like to wreck havoc for no reason. I dont know i guess this summer has been pretty awesome for the most part. besides for the death and dad drama and the singleness ok i take it back this summer has been aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwfffffffffffuuuuuuuulllllllllllll ok thats all.


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