Insomnia wins again…. actually chugging a barqs root beer has caused this

Ok so being the fat ass that i am i chugged a root beer which was caffeinated and now i am probably going to be up for a whole lot longer than i would have liked being that i have to be up at 730 for work. But anyway i want to try not to do my usual ranting and raving, maybe i will just write some poetry(which in retrospect is just my ranting in a more controlled form). Found a new band that i liked last night at a show. They are called New Madrid they are a bilingual rock band straight out of Brooklyn like my loves Outernational. So Brooklyn has brought me some good music this summer. I miss Outernational. I miss the guys in the band, seeing them live and just all in all enjoy myself because of them. They are an awesome group of guys. I can only listen to their ep and watch YouTube videos so many times ya know. well any way back to New Madrid the lead singer whose name is axel which i learned through face book is a gorgeous south American man. he plays the drums and sings. hold let me rephrase that he rapes the drums upfront and center and his singing is orgasmic live. i kind of felt like he was staring at me while they were performing and that is something i liked about the performance he pulled you not only with his performance but with his facial expressions and just his eyes alone(he wore eyeliner) can we say HAWT!!!! Back to Outernational i have decided that since chrissy wants to fuck Leo which she is more than welcomed to doing my goal is to fuck miles or Jesse preferably Jesse cause he is much hotter than miles but i have had good conversation with miles where as i have never talked to Jesse in my life. we kind of always look at each other and say hi and that be all like he is older than me and you know me i do not believe that chivalry is dead and i would rather be approached than be the approacher. I am quite old fashion that way. I guess  that explains why i am still single or actually that might have to do with my being fat…. but hey we aren’t going to beat a dead horse now are we. if we go any deeper into that i would probably ended up crying myself to sleep. ok well enough about me how about i try some poetry lol cause you know i still ended up ranting.

If love came easy

would it come for me

Would it be there whenever

i needed it and always be willing to set me free

Would love have a name or a face

or would it just be something empty

would it have an open heart

or a closed fist

would love be like winning a battle

or is it possible that love is the battle

would i want to stay and fight

well if i am asking that question

i guess love wont ever come easy

At least not for me

actually that earlier rant got me a little tired i guess getting things off my mind even though they arent the things i really want to get off my mind made it a little easier for me to fall asleep. That poem is a keeper i am gonna try to sleep now hopefully i dont fail.



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