Boogers are for Lovers

Yep the title says it all “Boogers are for Lovers.” You remember how when you were a child you would pick your nose and only keep the best ones(no i was not a nose picker but as a preschool teacher i know a lot of nose pickers), well I have decided that is how I am going to view love from now on. When searching for love you find those ones that you know you have to at least try but they dont always turn out as good as you hope for. Those are the boogers that you pull out your nose like and then wipe on your pants. Then there are those boogers that you pick that are all slimy and gross and you know that are no good for you but you still try it anyway and it ends up being to salty so you again wipe away or chase someone around with it trying to rub them off on someone else. Those are the type of guys or girls where you have the its not you its me conversation but you then turn around and say but i do have a friend you would be perfect for.

You then have those who you having relationships with and I mean serious relationships with that are meaningful and last for years but then they always end because no matter how hard you try you always loose interest. Those are the boogers that are not to wet and not to dry but you save them in a tissue to show all of your friends. The last type of booger is the one that we in the teaching or parenting careers like to refer to as, digging for gold. Thats the guy or girl that you are always looking for that you very rarely ever get but you spend so much time looking for them that you hurt yourself in the process. You set your goals so high looking for the one that will be perfect for that will make you happy and you search and you search and you search but you never ever pick the right one. You always end up with someone in between, someone who was not the right fit for you, or you end up with someone who just was not right at all for any one.

Maybe those nose pickers know it best that if you keep searching you may not come across gold every time but someday you will as long as you remain hopeful on your search. That if you keep digging and keep trying you will find one of those in betweens that actually just need a little time to become that gold  you are looking for. Maybe they don’t know best because all of that picking and choosing and discarding and pawn off because too tiring and that gold may not come around because you spend to much time running around.

Maybe those who stay out of noses know it best. Maybe you need to just let nature take its course when you are ready the right one will come along and you will be able to enjoy them for all that they are worth.

Looking for Boogers

Which are you????

Nose thats never picked

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