Spring is springing…..

And its pissing me off. Yes I love Spring because that means no more effin snow and no more shoveling and scraping. No more snow boots or fifty layers of clothing. It means a hoodie and a t shirt and a pair of jeans will be all you need on a goodnight. Spring means Birds Chirping again, insects starting to reemerge and trees and flowers starting to bud. Spring also means rain and rain and rain. The one thing that Spring means that it really shouldn’t is stupid allergy season which is why i am up now. Now with a little help from some medication i can get it under control but even still the time where winter is not wanting to let go of its hold and Spring wants to bust loose is the worst for us allergy sufferers because we arent sure if we need to take our meds or if we are actually catching a last ditch effort at a winter cold.  I know for sure for me right now its an all out allergy attack. My eyes feel like the are gonna jump out of my face. My sinuses just cant seem to clear up and walking out side even for a minute is going to be followed by an all out 10 minute sneezing attack. Can we say Super Germ Spreader(GROSS). Now i know i am not the only one suffering from this cause allergies are common amongst almost every American but still allergies are the reason i am up writing this right now instead of sleeping. Allergies are the primary source for the amount of pressure i am feeling in my face right now. and the allergy medicine that i took will be the reason why i am not going to want to get up when my alarm clocks goes off in the morning. So again thanks SPRING for bringing along your ugly BFF ALLERGIES, Pretty sure your invitation was a Admit One invite but apparently you dont play the rules.

Thanks a lot.


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