Late Night Ramblings

Instead of sleeping i have been up reading and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking some more. Sometimes when I think it is imperative that i get these thoughts out as fast as possible other times if i just stop thinking them they go away indefinitely. but being that i am at a weird place in my life still some thoughts which should have been gone indefinitely seem to have not gotten the message and continue to come back and play the thinking game with me. Being the wonderful thinker that I am you would think that i would have no problem with this, but this is where the rambling will ensue, I do have a problem with the returning of thoughts that at one time were seem not worthy of any further thought than what was wasted at the time. My mind continually seems to return to this past seasons Glee finale and how I know the show will never be the same. How i became highly upset that one character always seems to get what they want. Another thought that keeps returning is of one of my “best” friends and how dumb she really is for being bothered with a married man on the verge of divorce and how her whining and complaining about not being able to see him is really stupid and annoying. I get it your desperate and naive but for fucks sake stop it. No matter how many times i tell myself to try to be nice i cant. Like today she was complaining about him possibly not coming over and i literally told her you knew what you were getting yourself into so you need to accept it. Like was i wrong? Was I being the un-supportive friend, as I always am? Meh not really. I was being the realist that I am when it comes to my friends. I am not pessimistic nor am I a full on optimist but sometimes bitches be stupid and the need to hear when they are. Other thoughts that have returned. Is there chance for me and a work romance(I hope not) cause when things end and if they dont end well they get real messy and i dont need that head ache at work. Where has my lovely orgasm guy gone? why is it that the older women become the more childish they seem to behave? these things and many more keep returning maybe they will go away for a bit but i doubt it and know by tomorrow night they will be returning to agitate me once more and maybe I shall return upon this place of journaling/blogging to express these thoughts or maybe I shall ignore them till i can not ignore them any more.Image


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