Should be easier

Everyday I go to work with kids to help them better express themselves emotionally and to better deal with situations that would normally induce a very difficult and negative outcome. Well tonight i had to try to practice my own words. I know its not that hard to do because i did it. But I am also 25 yrs old compared to the kids that i work with that are at least 13 yrs younger than I. When someone is saying something you don’t really agree with and you don’t wish to start an argument just saying OK is very easy. Not as easy  as it sounds like it should be but easy none the less.I said about two full sentences to defend myself and when i realized the idiot i was speaking to wasn’t listening i reverted back to just saying OK the angrier it became the harder it became to say OK but i still just said OK cause it wasn’t worth the fight.

People like this idiot I had to talk to, I like to refer to as a “brick wall” I often call my kids in my group room this when they begin not to listen even when I am trying to help them understand why I made a choice. “Brick Walls” are referred to as such because the words are literally just bouncing off the person you are speaking to and are completely wasted. They don’t want to hear anything logical. Or better yet they don’t want to hear anything that isn’t in agreement with them. 

I feel better now. I have calmed my self just by writing on here, which is also why a majority of my kids have feelings journals. To write when they are upset and they get some private feedback from me with out having me to speak it because I am pretty sure they are tired of hearing my voice .


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