Happy New Year!

As I sit here just a few hours away from the new year, I realize that I will be ushering this year  just how I ushered in this past year, Alone. Not alone in the sense that nobody is here celebrating with me (which there isn’t) but in the sense that I am romantically unattached going into the new year yet again. While there maybe a possibility for change come this new year I doubt that it will make how I feel now any better. But I dont want to make this post about how sad and lonely I am because it would just be a long post of rambling.

I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and that I wish 2013 bring to everyone plenty of new opportunities in love, career and friendship.

That this year be filled with love, laughter and understanding.

Peace and Calm.

and most of all I wish that 2013 brings you that hope you wish to find around every corner.





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