New Year, New Me, Maybe?

So today is the start of something new I guess. Well that’s what everyone else in the world is saying. With the start of a New Year everyone is saying Be a better you, do kind things for others, be healthier, etc, etc, etc.

I have no problem with people who are fully committed to their New Year’s Resolutions but what about those who attempt but truly do fail or how about those who set the bar so high that they basically become unreachable.

I have set a many resolution in my last 2o+ years but I very rarely achieve them due mostly to the fact that I am self destructive and also make crazy resolution so I can purposely not achieve them.

I have made the be a healthier me resolution. I have made the try harder to be nice to others resolution. I have made a many and let’s say I have only achieved a few. Mostly a fail on my part because I don’t really feel the need to make a promise on the first day of the year that I can make on the last day of the year before.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking those who do make them and actually accomplish them. Kudos to you for sticking to it.

I am just stating that every year I say:

I am going to write more.

I am going to not allow negative people to affect me.

I am going to loose weight.

I am going to be Healthier.

I am going to be less sarcastic.

I am going to better budget my money.

I am going to be in an actual relationship with a Man(to old for Boys) LOL.

I am going to stop lying. HA


I have accomplished a few like:

Loosing my virginity.

Living on my own.

Read More Books.

Get a job that I actually like.

Get along with my co-workers.


Even though the list for goals accomplished is far shorter than the list of resolutions that I have made I find nothing wrong with it just that I should stop being lazy and really put my foot down on how I want my life to be. Maybe this year will be the year maybe this wont really take effect until after my birthday in July, but as far as of right now I am going to just really focus on one thing at a time cause it’s the little steps that matter the most. And my first little step is to WRITE MORE. It relieves my soul and crazies so I don’t dwell on them to much.




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