Healthier Me

So lately I have restarted my battle with my weight. Why? well there is multiple reasons:

  • Summer is coming
  • New attractive male co-worker
  • Others who are making great progress
  • Depression- as in I am over it
  • Tired of being alone

Alot of these reasons are vain and superficial I know but they are reasons that are helpful for me to get my lazy behind back in the shape i use to be. Where taking a flight of stairs didn’t wind me. I know how to be healthy and I know the things to do to take care of myself properly but it  gets hard due to financial restraints.


At work we are going to be doing a Biggest Loser competition. I have no plans to win it but I am going to do it just because it’s easier to loose weight when you do it with others. There was an argument about doing it by percentages instead of pounds because that isn’t fair to everyone, but I think either way it is going to be unfair but it’s whatever I just want to start to feel happy again. Which lately I feel very rarely.

So step one to making this happen is I am going to start a Smoothie a day regiment. Then slowly wain my body off of meats and poultry and fish and starches. Replacing these things with more raw fruits and vegetables. Leading up to first doing an all fruit and vegetable  fast then doing just an all juice fast (if I ever purchase a Juicer) or even if I do it as a smoothie fast I know I can do it. I know the supplements that will be needed if not I have access to the books that will inform me of what I need.I can do this and I wont put the weight back on this time.

I LOVE my curves, but I LOVE my HEALTH even more.


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