So as I prep for tomorrow I decided to Double up and see what happens when I have a smoothie for Breakfast and as a part to a small lunch such as half of a wheat pita stuffed with a spinach salad.

Tuesdays Smoothie:

5 Slices of Cucumber

1/2 of Anjou Pear

10 Blueberries

1/2 leaf of Kale

1/2 stalk of celery

1/2 of an orange


I made two ready blend cups. I will probably add ice right before I blend them or after the initial  blend and also I will add some ginger water. I need to shed some poundage before we start our contest at work so I don’t feel extra fat compared to everyone else. I already know I am the heaviest but I can do this. I should also make note that I am restarting a tea regiment of a glass of hot tea every night before bed. Also that I will continue my infused waters. I was thinking of mixing up my usual lemon and cucumber by doing a grapefruit water and possibly a ginger water  . Eventually doing some sort of mixture of those four to keep my body up on it. And no I am not just changing my eating habit and think that is going to be how I loose my weight I have a workout regiment I will do and I will also continue my Tibetan Yoga techniques that were discontinued during my reminder that I am not with child. 


I love my CURVES but  LOVE my HEALTH more!!!


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