What Would Your Life Look Like If Money Had No Meaning?

Today’s question has multiple parts so I couldn’t include it all in the title. What would your life look like if money had no meaning? Would you work? Where would you live? Who would you spend your time with? What would you do more or less of?

Well let’s start this off by answering the first part of this question:  What would your life look like if money had no meaning? If money had no meaning I would image my life would look different possibly. It all depends on what would take the place of the meaning that money currently holds in this life time. Money means a stressful life for some and an easy life for others. Yes, there are those few who fall somewhere in the middle, like myself, who see money can be a relief to lots of problems but money has also lead to lots of problems. If I look at it  from the stressful side then money having no meaning would be that there is no longer a strong value based on materialistic expectations. There would no longer be any reason to keep up with the “Jones'”. You no longer would have to struggle to obtain the basic necessities that money was used for and if you didn’t have enough money then it meant you have to live without. If I were to look at it from the view point of the easy life that money provides, I guess it would mean that people would all be based on the same level and money no longer would necessitate that money means power. Maybe without money meaning that then those people would have to rely on other attributes to obtain the things they want and yearn for. For someone who lives in the in between the relief of no longer having to live up to someones unrealistic expectations to material items would be nice and to also know that what you have is enough is also nice.

Would I work? Yes, yes I would work because even though I was doing it for money to pay bills I work in a field where I earn great satisfaction from helping others and seeing their growth. Working in the mental health if never about money because unless you are a therapist or a doctor there is little money to be made either way. So I would continue to work because I like and love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. I would also be happier knowing that I didn’t go into wrong field because I wasn’t making the same kind of money who is less educated than me but doing something in the manual labor industry as I often do feel now until one of my clients/consumers/residents shows that they are taking the things I am teaching them and uses it to be a better person.

Where would I live? I would live on a large plot of land in a nice size house because I can afford it right. No I would live there because I like to be in nature but not really in nature. I like the space to have events and large parties with out disturbing neighbors. Having the capabilities to farm my own fruits and vegetables and just be at peace. But this piece of land would also be within walking distance of a shore line to an ocean because I am at one when I can hear the crashing of the waves.

I would spend my time with the people I love and who loves me back. I would spend time with friends as I do now because money does not dictate my social circle.

Either than working I would continue to spend my free time doing as i want with who I want. That is something i value now and would never change due to my financial status. I love reading and crafting. I don’t allow my lack of money or my want of money to delegate the way i enjoy making myself happy. If I want to go out to eat I will find a legal way to make that happen. if I want to go to the movies or the craft store than that’s what I am going to do with or without money. My happiness is always in my control and I will not allow some outside influence to control it.

I would do more of the things that made me happy and less of the things that made me cynical. I would be more open to new experience and less afraid due to not having the money for something it were to end negatively for myself.

So to go back to the first question my life would look almost the same minus the stress. I would continue to treat myself as the first priority not in a selfish but in the way that I have no major responsibilities outside of myself.


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