What Achievements Are You Most Proud Of?

I feel as this is going to be a short post due to the fact that I have not achieved very much. It’s not for a lack of try or want, but because I have a simple list of goals I wish and aimed to achieve. I am still working on that list and it is happening slowly but surely. This would be a question that in 10 years tops from now I will have hopefully added at least 3-4 more achievements to this list. So let’s just discuss what has happened thus far.

Going to college would be where I start at because it was something I had always wanted to do. What did I want to do once I got to college is a completely different story refer to the past previous post to truly understand this. I wasn’t the first person in my family to go to college or anything like that but to me just applying getting accepted to multiple schools and even being optioned with scholarships was a great achievement to me. I wasn’t bad at school like I always received good grades besides for math (anything above basic algebra just didn’t come easy to me it was a real struggle.) I generally enjoyed school and was just happy to go off to college and try to have a good college experience. By the time I headed into college my brother had already stopped going because he may be street smart and popular but he did not like going to class.

My next biggest achievement was during college. For a solid year I was a college athlete and I loathed every single second of it but I stuck it out because I choose not to be person who would quit mid-season or something like that. I would get up and be early to early morning practices gave my all when it came to trying to stay in shape and keep up with the even more athletic girls on the team. I enjoyed the camaraderie  of being apart of the team which is why I played sports in High School, but I knew I wasn’t built mentally for the collegiate athlete life. My grades started to suffer and my heart was no longer in it. I stayed apart of the team in another way. I became the team manager and that suited me so much more.

My greatest achievement thus far in life was graduating from college. It was hard emotionally, because my parents got divorced, my brother was going though some stuff no little sister wants to witness and my grandmother got really sick and almost didn’t make it.  I finished though in 4 years because I refused to be a 5 year college student just to get my bachelors. I graduated in 4 years with a B.A. in Psychology. I could have had a few different minor degrees if I had a better advisor but that’s ok. All the elective classes I took helped mold me into being able to work in different fields with my bachelors.

With my degree i have worked with young children as a preschool teacher. To working with 11-12 year kids as a Behavioral counselor to move up in the same field working with 13-17 year old. Now I start a new adventure as a Residential Counselor working at a Residential Treatment Center for girls aged 14-18 with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnosis. I have developed many skills that can be applied to many areas of work and I am proud of it. Eventually while working in this field I will not only have earned my CADC but also earned my Masters in marriage and Family Therapy. That’s my end game. Eventually all the other things like relationships and starting a family will fall into place and become apart of my achievement list but I am in no rush for that part.

Maybe this post isn’t so short after all.


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