If You Could Write a Letter to your 15 yr old self, What would it say?

Dear 15 yr old Chloe’,

Whoa where do I start? Do I start by saying it will get better? Do I start with telling you boys stop being stupid? That you achieve all your dreams early than you planned? Or how about your high school friendships last forever? Maybe you want me to start with our body image issues?

Well I guess I will start with that it gets better, but not in the way you would expect it too. Our body image changes even though our body doesn’t. It’s okay to be fat as long as you continue doing what you have been doing which is staying active, playing sports and basically saying “fuck you” to anyone who says other wise. No we don’t become skinny but as you get older you love yourself more and more. Yes there is still times of self doubt and self hate but chalk that up to puberty and the crazy hormonal imbalance you suffer due to being a female and Mother Nature having the craziest sense of humor ever. We get into Yoga which greatly improves our flexibility and our performance in other areas of life. We become more okay with our self. We accept that sometimes being alone is good. Jealousy is an ugly beast that we struggle with up until college because that about the time that our patience starts to really kick in and build up to know if we wait, things we want will eventually come.

That’s where the boys kick in. They definitely don’t stop being stupid. Oh goodness they just have a harder time understanding that no one has time for their nonsense. Now I am not saying that all guys are stupid, but don’t go stressing yourself out over them. They are not all as kind as “Waddle”. You also learn that along with your body acceptance guys accept it also. So that’s a plus.

Our career plans move along slowly due to our constant indecision to know exactly what we want to do with our lives. We major in psychology because we are so use to listening to other peoples problems.After college we work with children for awhile. We learn that even though we have no plan for our own we made a good choice. Grad school will be awesome eventually we drag our feet getting there but we have a plan. Just know we don’t achieve our 8 year plan F.Y.I.

Our high school friendships fail on some aspect. Some last past college, some crash and burn while in college just know you mostly out grow your high school friends.

So Yea our confidence gets better. No matter what that’s the best thing to happen just wait. It will be better than where you are now and also you get super crafty. Love it!


Chloe’ at 28 yrs old.



What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

So while at work exploring on Pinterest cause that what I do. I came across a Pin that presented 15 questions to use in a journal. So I figured that’s 15 new postings since I don’t use this as much as I would like to and if I don’t have to come up with the topic that makes it even better. So as this post and all following post will be the title of  the post is the question in which I will be answering. Also they may not all be long the shortest they can be is 3 sentences(that’s the rule that I probably wont have to worry about.)

If I knew I couldn’t fail I don’t know what I would do, no I shouldn’t say that, I have a list of things I would attempt to do. I say attempt because not failing does not necessarily equate success but it does mean I tried. I didn’t give up and I didn’t prefect what I was doing but it wasnt the worse and it wasnt the best. Cause as the say in many a movie “Failure is not an option.” Be it in life, in an activity, in anything that you do.

I may not be where I want to be in life right now but in the sense of this question, knowing that I couldnt fail I would fully apply this to my education in being able to achieve my doctorate easily in 2 years even without completing anything at a masters level.

If I couldn’t fail I would be a weight lose guru cause even though I have battled and officially come to love my body, I know that it would have been an easier way to get to this love of self-love.

If I knew I couldn’t fail I would do you know the politically correct thing and end war, world hunger, world and student debt, droughts, make getting a college education a  want not a need and make that shit free cause damn, make sure that those who laid down their lives for me to have my freedoms came home (after I have ended war) and had homes and employment and all the medical needs that’s required and there would not longer be anything as unemployment. Everyone will have some kind of paying task that will contribute to society.

If I knew I couldn’t fail I would encourage people to be better people. No I don’t want some ultra peaceful society where no one gets mad, but how about when we are mad we don’t go and kill some one or rape them or perform some heinous act on children. As much as I love me a good criminal minds episode and a good murder mystery but still violence is not the answer people.

If i knew I couldn’t fail, I would educate those on how the atrocities committed in our history should not be repeated in our present. That  they should not be celebrated and that no one should be diminished as a person because of the color of their skin, sexual preference, religion and their gender.

There are so many things that I would try because I just want to be a decent human being in the end. No I am not prefect and yes I have done and will probably do some things that have sealed my spot in my own special nirvana. And no that doesn’t mean that I have any right to tell others how to live and I know that but that wasn’t the question now was it.

Until next time,

Peace and Light.

First Fail

So I posted my recipe for my smoothie that I was going to have today last night. It seemed fine as I prepped it and smelled the wonderful mix of smells as I cut everything up, but in the end I had my first smoothie creation FAIL. I learned that even though I enjoy celery with a good plate of buffalo wings or in a delicious macaroni or mixed in to my fantastic chicken salad, it does not, let me repeat, it does not go good in a smoothie. Even when I recreated the recipe by reducing the amount of celery it still did not help and I just had to suck it down and accept it as my first smoothie fail. This is my first time in my adult life making my own smoothies containing vegetables and therefore I believe I may experience more fails but I can’t allow them to cause me to falter from achieving my goal and sticking to my plan. Well until tomorrow, no prep for me tonight work wore me out.

I Love my Curves, but LOVE my HEALTH more!